- Season 1 Episode 1 : The First Ever Episode

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FIRST SHOT - smart girl riding white horse & looking over towards hearse parked outside farmhouse. FIRST WORD SPOKEN - Peggy to Matt "" Matt, who's she? "" PART 1 - Set in the fictional village of Beckindale ; Ep 1 begins with the funeral of Jacob Sugden, owner of Emmerdale Farm. The Sugden & Skilbeck families gather for the funeral ; Eldest son Jack, who has been away from the farm for eight years, watches the funeral cortege pass from the window of the local pub - The Woolpack, with the owner Amos Brearly; Jacob Sugden has left Emmerdale farm to Jack & this causes bad feeling amongst the Sugden children, Joe & Peggy; Jack wanders around the farm while the family attend the funeral ; He meets Marian Wilks, the daughter of a local businessman who has bought adjoining land to Emmerdale -Inglebrook. PART 2 - Joe & Jack have their first scene together in the milking shed ; Jack faces the family over dinner where he receives a frosty welcome from his sister Peggy ; Annie asks Jack if h

Title - Season 1 Episode 1 : The First Ever Episode
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