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    Luca Argentero, Claudio Amendola, Giacomo Ferrara, Valentina Bellè, Antonino Juorio, Valentina Sperlì, Ivan Franěk, Alessandra Roca, Simone Liberati, Massimo De Santis, Silvia Degrandi
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Summary: Il permesso
Watch Il permesso (2016) : Full Movie Online Free The story of four inmates during their 48 hours furlough, of their reality and how it has brought them behind bars. The characters are described with realism, with their contradictions, their desperation, the temptation of an escape, but the cornerstone of the movie is the sincerity of the positive feelings of each and everyone of them: the love of a father for his son, the love for a woman, for friends, and most of all the pursuit of a lost (if ever had) personal dignity and pride. Four characters of different ages and extractions, three man and a woman: Luigi, Donato, Rossana and Angelo.